Pure Colors, Original Elegance

I am not a person that thinks everything has to be painted Sometimes, a piece looks better re stained, nut sometimes it needs to be painted. This vanity I had for my bedroom is one of those that I did not really want to paint, but I felt like I had to. There was some damage to it that could not be fixed. So when I heard about March's Fab Furniture Flip contest I got really excited. This month sponsor is Pure And Original  paint company. I have been wanting to try it for a while because I have heard great things.

 This is one of the spots that was badly damages. I had to sand it down really well, but it still damaged the wood beyond repair.
I got two really pretty colors, a dark gray called Ground Pepper and a beautiful blue called Atria. They both matched the colors in painting that hangs over my bed. I was very excited to get started. However, in a span of a week I totaled my car and banged my knee up, then my new car got broken into, and lastly I got Bronchitis. So needless to say it took a lot longer to get it done then I had planned on. 
 I left the very pretty wood as in on the drawers, I felt like it added an elegance to it. Furniture from the art deco era always have pretty wood grain on them, so I showcased that by not painting them. I left the original knobs too, because they are bakelight (im not entirely sure how to spell that, lol).I like how it turned out, its simple yet still very pretty and elegant. 

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If you want more info on the contest, please send an email to:  info@fabfurnitureflippincontest.com  There have been a lot of fabulous entries, so make sure to check out both blogs I mentioned.


New year, new goals, and an old project

I have not been good about taking pictures the last month or two so when I was looking thought old pictures I realized I had older projects I could talk about and share. Ive done a lot of projects and although I'm not always good about documenting the before and during stages, I almost always have after pictures. I love sharing my ideas with people and inspiring them to be creative and step out of the box. I was reminded a few days ago that my strong suite and what I'm most talented at is being creative and seeing spaces and furniture for what they could be. I'm not always the best at writing or teaching, and I am sure you can see that I misspell words and my grammar is not the best but I love sharing what I create. We all have strengths and weaknesses, so my goal for next year is to play up my strengths and concentrate on them and to get help with the things I am not so great at.
I absolutely love decorating, especially kids rooms. You can have so much fun with them and just let your creativity run wild. I have probably redone both of my kids rooms more times then I like to admit but they don't mind. I rented a house in Texas and I was able to paint, which is not something everyone lets you do when you do not own. I also did not have a lot of money to decorate, so I stressed every dollar I used. Most everything in her room I redid from a thrift store or bought on clearance. The frame in the picture above started out as an ugly framed print, so I took the glass and print out, painted it black and stapled fabric to the back. I then bought 4.50$ worth of letters to spell out my princesses name, painted them and glued/stapled them to the fabric to create personalized art for her room. Although I painted her room all gray, I waned to add more interest and create a focal wall. I attached molding I painted a silverish black color to the wall with hook and loop and I painted between them pink, and stenciled a saying in the space between. I used hook and loop so it would not be permanent. 

I redid everything in her room from the rocking chair to the toy box and end table. I wanted her to have a princess room that  we could have tea parties in. She was so tiny, but I did not want to have a bunch of furniture I had to replace in two or three years because she grew out of it. I have a lot more pictures of this room but I can't seem to find them. She had a cute round table and two chairs, a night stand, and another sign I painted that was a quote. "One good Pair of Shoes can Change your Life" - Cinderella. It must have sunk in because my now 8 year old is obsessed with shoes!!


Halloween Decor on the cheap

I love having A buffet in my dinning room, I feel like every dinning room needs one. I found this one at salvation army for 100 dollars, which ids more then I like to spend on furniture but you can't always find buffets for less then that. Either way, it was still a great deal.The top was messed up and there were some problems with the finish so I painted it, and then I painted it again. You can see the before HERE when I redid it for the Fab Furniture Flippin Contest.
I love using a buffet for extra storage, food for parties, and an extra surface for decorating. I had some of the things you see pictured already but I bought almost everything else from the dollar store. Yes, you heard me right. I said the dollar store.

 The milk crate holds wine bottle (although it never stays full) and the silver stuff I got from a thrift store. But the flowers, spiders and pumpkins I got from the dollar store. I painted them last year and added glitter to the spiders but I notice this year they had some already glittered. I even got the fake air plant from the dollar store, but I took it out of the ugly plastic container and put it in an old silver creamer. I got all the spooky fabric from the dollar store as well.
 I did not get the stuff on the silver tray or the silver tray from the dollar store, but almost all of it came from either a yard sale or a thrift store. I got the stickers from a craft store to create old bottles with spooky ingredients.
 The bottle was actually a beer bottle I saved. I love the one that says beetle juice, its my favorite. My kids have never seen the movie though. I guess I will have to fix that!
 I LOVE how my table turned out too. most everything on was either thrifted or came from the dollar store. Oh, except the table runner. I still got a good deal on it, I think I paid about 3 dollars for it.  
 For the place settings I used a set of gold metal chargers I got at a thrift store. I layered it with clear plates I got from the dollar store and white milk glass plates that came from a flea market.On top of that I used some monograms napkins I have had forever with napkins rings from Hobby Lobby that have a little bling in them. Remember the air plant I showed you earlier? I also got a few succulents and spray painted the container gold. If you wanted you could take it a step further and stick in a name tag for each person to personalize the table setting.
 I think that people take for granted the custom of sitting down at a table and eating dinner with family and friends. I am trying to make it a point to set my table and make eating dinner a time for family and talking, even on regular weeknights. It does not always have to be a special occasion to set a table, but it doesn't necessarily have to be elaborate either. I'm making it a point to start making my kids help me set the table every night for dinner, so we can sit down and eat dinner together as a family with the TV off. I will be starting a biweekly series called Set Your Table Please that will feature table settings for all occasions. There will be both elaborate and everyday settings. I will also be offering table runners, napkins, and other accessories geared towards family and meal times.  

Now that Halloween is over, and Thanksgiving is this week, I'm very excited to start decorating for my favorite time of year! I love Christmas and I always have a hard time figuring out how I want to decorate because I have so many ideas. I'm hoping to share several with you over the next few weeks. What is your favorite holiday to decorate for?


Holiday Traditions And Minted

****Disclaimer: I received compensation and or products for this post, but all the opinions and content are my own.*****

The holidays are my favorite time of year. There is nothing like the smell of  Christmas trees, the sound of holiday music, the beautiful decorations, and the memories spent with your loved ones that bring a smile to my face. Since I started my own family I feel it is important to create holiday traditions for my kids so they have great memories to look back on. The one tradition that I love, and I think some people have lost is the art of sending holiday cards. People get so busy with their lives they forget, or do not have enough time. With the advancement of technology and social media people post holiday messages on Facebook and send impersonal " Merry Christmas" texts to everyone in their phone. I think it is time we bring back the  tradition of sending out holiday cards. I have a box I keep each and every card I have ever gotten in. I especially love the ones that have pictures on them. I hang them up during the holidays as decorations too, I have an old woven rattan thing (I am going to be honest am not 100% sure what it is) that I hang on my wall and clip holiday cards on them with glittered cloths pins. It always looks so pretty and festive. 

But I get it, no one has the time to: 

1.Take their family to a photographer
2.Wait for the photos 
3.Make the cards
4.Address them all AND mail them out. 

Guess what though? There is a much easier and prettier way to do holiday cards .How you say?  By doing two things, using your own photos, and using an amazing company called Minted.

The first thing is the photos, you do not have to take your family and spend hundreds of dollars on a staged photo for your holiday card. I like to use pictures we have taken over the year that are not staged. I go through my camera and cell phone and pick my favorites to use for my card. If you're not that great a photographer you can always use a free photo editing software online or read a few beginner tutorials on photography. Honestly though, even cell phones take pretty good pictures now. The quality is much better than it used to be. I looked through some of the photos I have that may work.

As you can see, I have several pictures I could choose from. If you do not find any you like, you can always dress your kids up, and take them to the park to take some pictures. I love the candid shots of my kids way more then the ones we have taken professional. The one thing I would recommend is to dress them in similar colors so it looks more cohesive.

After you have picked out a picture you would love to share with family and friends, head on over to Minted and check out their amazing collection of  creatively designed and quality cards. They are printed on high quality paper and look amazing. Here are just a few example of what you can create:

Minted finds artist from around the world to design these beautiful cards, and the keep up on popular  trends so there is something for everyone. What if you do not want to use a photo of your kids on your holiday card? Minted came up with a great idea, use their artwork!! I think this is a creative and genius way to showcase you child's creativity as well. 

All of these cards and more have matching envelopes so it looks professional and cohesive. They will also do receipt addressing, and for a limited time they are offering it FREE!! 
Can you imagine the joy on your family and friends face when they get one of these amazing cards in the mail from you! I personally love getting holiday cards in the mail because they make me feel special and thought of during a time when a lot of people forget what the holiday season is about. Now that I have given you ways to make the process easier, join me in bringing back a wonderful tradition. Make sure you check out Minted and the great collection of cards they carry. They have some other wonderful products to check out also. 

I plan on posting some great ideas on displaying your beautiful card, so look for that in the next few weeks.