Thrift Store Score: Coffee Table

I love when I go to a thrift store and I not only see just what I was looking for, but at a great price too. I wanted a new coffee table for my living room that had some kind of metal legs and a wood stained top. When I happened upon this ugly duckling I thought it could work, and when I saw the six dollar price tag I got even more excited. The top was not real wood but I knew I could replace it easily. It had potential and I was excited to unlock it.
The first thing I did was clean the metal rally well and take off the ugly fake top. I added a piece of wood I already had and secured it with screws. I liked that the top wasn't square but had the rounded edges. It Hobby wood, which you can get from Lowe's for a pretty good price.
I grabbed a cute stencil I had and I used part of it on the top of the wood using gray chalk paint. I wanted to add a little something something to make the top interesting. I left out the Paris part because I did not want to go overboard, but I liked the rest of the stencil
As you can see, when it is done it is kinda light, but that's OKAY, because I'm not done yet. This is just to add a little character and dimension but not be over the top. My rug is already over the top and load, so I do not want anything that will compete with it.

 The next thing I did was add a few coats of stain, Minwax was the brand I used. Its in one of my favorite colors, Caraway I think? I'm not good with names so I will have to double check that. I am digging how this turned out, it added just the extra special touch I think it needed.
I love this technique, I think it adds a layer of detail that makes it look older and not freshly painted. Some people like that look, some do not. I like older things with history, I think even if your style is modern you should add something a lil old to give it character and warm the space up. Check back in a few days for the reveal of my living room, and this stylish coffee table!!


Switching Things Up Yet Again

I don't know about everyone else but I am forever changing things in my house. I think this is because I am slightly OCD, and I keep changing things around until they work well for my family. One area in my house I struggle with keeping organized is our clothing storage, or lack there of. I have a small townhouse that was built before WW1 so the closets are teeny tiny. There is no way I'm fitting all of my cloths in the 3 ft. wide closet I have in my bedroom. I finally decided to switch the bedrooms around and use my sons tiny bedroom as a walk in closet for the whole family.

I guess the boy is now a teen, so his room needs an update anyways. HERE is the original post showing his bedroom from a few years ago when we first moved in.

As you can see, its pretty small. I did love how it turned out, the colors were so bright and cheerful. They matched my sons personality before he because a dreaded TEENAGER. I have seen several of my neighbors turn this bedroom into a walk in closet so the idea has always been in the back of my mind. However, I am way to cheap to buy a fancy closet system for this room so I am going to use what I have and only buy as little as possible. I do have two big Ikea cabinets that I am going to move in here to start with. They used to be in my daughters room but since I am taking all her cloths out anyway she does not need them.

Do you have clothing storage problems or are you lucky enough to have tons of closet space???


Pure Colors, Original Elegance

I am not a person that thinks everything has to be painted Sometimes, a piece looks better re stained, nut sometimes it needs to be painted. This vanity I had for my bedroom is one of those that I did not really want to paint, but I felt like I had to. There was some damage to it that could not be fixed. So when I heard about March's Fab Furniture Flip contest I got really excited. This month sponsor is Pure And Original  paint company. I have been wanting to try it for a while because I have heard great things.

 This is one of the spots that was badly damages. I had to sand it down really well, but it still damaged the wood beyond repair.
I got two really pretty colors, a dark gray called Ground Pepper and a beautiful blue called Atria. They both matched the colors in painting that hangs over my bed. I was very excited to get started. However, in a span of a week I totaled my car and banged my knee up, then my new car got broken into, and lastly I got Bronchitis. So needless to say it took a lot longer to get it done then I had planned on. 
 I left the very pretty wood as in on the drawers, I felt like it added an elegance to it. Furniture from the art deco era always have pretty wood grain on them, so I showcased that by not painting them. I left the original knobs too, because they are bakelight (im not entirely sure how to spell that, lol).I like how it turned out, its simple yet still very pretty and elegant. 

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If you want more info on the contest, please send an email to:  There have been a lot of fabulous entries, so make sure to check out both blogs I mentioned.


New year, new goals, and an old project

I have not been good about taking pictures the last month or two so when I was looking thought old pictures I realized I had older projects I could talk about and share. Ive done a lot of projects and although I'm not always good about documenting the before and during stages, I almost always have after pictures. I love sharing my ideas with people and inspiring them to be creative and step out of the box. I was reminded a few days ago that my strong suite and what I'm most talented at is being creative and seeing spaces and furniture for what they could be. I'm not always the best at writing or teaching, and I am sure you can see that I misspell words and my grammar is not the best but I love sharing what I create. We all have strengths and weaknesses, so my goal for next year is to play up my strengths and concentrate on them and to get help with the things I am not so great at.
I absolutely love decorating, especially kids rooms. You can have so much fun with them and just let your creativity run wild. I have probably redone both of my kids rooms more times then I like to admit but they don't mind. I rented a house in Texas and I was able to paint, which is not something everyone lets you do when you do not own. I also did not have a lot of money to decorate, so I stressed every dollar I used. Most everything in her room I redid from a thrift store or bought on clearance. The frame in the picture above started out as an ugly framed print, so I took the glass and print out, painted it black and stapled fabric to the back. I then bought 4.50$ worth of letters to spell out my princesses name, painted them and glued/stapled them to the fabric to create personalized art for her room. Although I painted her room all gray, I waned to add more interest and create a focal wall. I attached molding I painted a silverish black color to the wall with hook and loop and I painted between them pink, and stenciled a saying in the space between. I used hook and loop so it would not be permanent. 

I redid everything in her room from the rocking chair to the toy box and end table. I wanted her to have a princess room that  we could have tea parties in. She was so tiny, but I did not want to have a bunch of furniture I had to replace in two or three years because she grew out of it. I have a lot more pictures of this room but I can't seem to find them. She had a cute round table and two chairs, a night stand, and another sign I painted that was a quote. "One good Pair of Shoes can Change your Life" - Cinderella. It must have sunk in because my now 8 year old is obsessed with shoes!!