My back porch

I live in an apartment so I don't have a huge outdoor space but I do have one. Its bigger then most apartments have so I am grateful. I wanted to add some color without spending a lot of money. I found five of these chairs on the side of the road in Dallas, so I brought them all the way bake to OKC. I painted  and glazed them, then I bought outdoor fabric for 6.99 a yard at my fav fabric store.

Ialways say just because you are a renter does not mean you can't make it your home and put your own personal touch on it.

This fancy leg was also a curb find. I painted it gray and then also glazed it with black and sealed it with a few coats of poly. I found the round peace of glass at the curb too! I I probably spent a total of 10 bucks on it all!! I have very goof luck with finding rescues on the side of the road, and giving them new life and purpose.

I I love that this porch cost me at most 15 dollars to fix up. I think that when we have to be thrifty we can come up with some great ideas to decorate our spaces with. Whats your favorite outdoor space at your house? I bet you can guess what mine is!


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