Endless Yardsale

I have always wanted to go to the endless yard sale and I finally got my chance. We spent 8 hours and barely covered 40 miles. We could have covered more ground but we had three kids with us, so we had to take it easy.

This sign would be amazing in a kitchen or dinning room. I would have loved to take it home but I had no room for big items, unless we gave the kids away, lol.

These letters were pretty neat too. You could spell NEST with them, or maybe rest for a bedroom. Letters are so versatile, even one makes a great statement.
I LOVE letters
And this vendor, oh be still my beating heart, had 30 tables of vintage cooking ware. I LOVE old Pyrex and corning ware. He had patterns, colors, and styles I had never seen in real life before. You bet I came home with one or two of these babies.

This was a home made ice cream truck, it played music that looked like the animals were singing. I think it is pretty unique, I love the old barn wood they used on it.
I can not tell you how amazing this place was!! we spent 9 hours and only covered 60 miles, and we skipped a lot of places. yards, barns, stores and fields were all FULL of people selling some amazing stuff. This post will be picture heavy FYI, and I didn't take enough pics to do it Justice. I will be going again next year. Road trip anyone? :)


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