About me: Jodi

   It occurred to me that I never wrote an introduction post and since I am redoing my blog I thought this would be the perfect time. This will be a two part post, because there are two of us!! That is one of the changes, the fact that there are two of us now. My Bestie and sister from another mister Audrine is going in to business with me. This should make it twice as fun, and hopefully twice as good. Now Audrine and I have been good friends for the last 15 years. We met in the 7th grade at skittle middle in Linthicum, Maryland and have been super close ever since.
Ever since I was a little girl interior design and creative DIY projects have been running through my veins. I feel interior design is a part of me and I was born to do it. I remember as a little girl I would get very creative with my Barbie houses. I would make furniture out of whatever I could find and I loved having the Barbie’s live separately because that meant I could create another place for them to live. As I got older, I got more OCD about my room and the way it looked. I loved to redo it and make it my own comfortable living space. I also started scrap booking before I even knew what it was! As I became a mother at the age of 17,  I did not let my passion for interior design stop. I made being a young mother and my passion for interior design coexist in one another. I decorated our first little apartment in WV with what I had or could find a very low price. This is when I became interested in thrift stores, goodwill's, and any other consignment shop. I even would pull random items that were left on the side of the road because I seen potential where someone else may have not. I taught myself how to paint and re-upholster and soon it went from being something I did for myself, to designing for friends and family, and for other people that I soon started to charge a fee. When my family and I moved to Oklahoma City in 2009, we did not have a whole lot of furniture or home decor. I went to work decorating my daughter and son's room and worked my way throughout the house. Shortly after I had a booth at an awesome place called   The RINK. I made most of my money to live off of from this place and I was sad to leave it when we moved back to Baltimore, MD. Although I left most of my business and a lot of great DIY friends behind, I am excited about my new journey with Audrine and seeing The Glittered Barn grow and thrive.


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