Haven, Ballard Designs and some inspiration

Ballard Designs has been one of the sponsors at the Haven conference, and they always set up nice seating areas for us using their fabulous furniture and decor. I always get some great design inspiration from this, and we all get comfy seating to sit around and network and chat with fellow bloggers.

 I love the color of the sofas here, coral is a very pretty color and can brighten up a space.
 This is an amazing idea, to have two coffee tables to occupy a big seating area. That way people on both couches have a place to sit their wine or coffee.
 If you can not see yourself with coral couches, how about a few accents? They compliment the white and gray in this seating area, and you do not have to commit to a big purchase to add some color in your space.
 And oh, the details on the chairs, and the frog closures on the pillows are so CUTE!! I am a sucker for nail head trim. I LOVE the styling on the end table too. It has a coastal feel without being in your face.
Ballard designs always uses some great patterns. The can be classic but with a modern twist, that will never go out of style.

I love old books, I love to read them and decorate with them. They give even a super modern room a warm and inviting feel. I hope you enjoyed looking through my pictures as much as I enjoyed taking them. And yes, I sat on every one of these couches and chairs and they are all very comfortable.


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