Boys room to grow in

 My goal is to post one time a week, on Sunday evenings. This will be my first post in keeping my promise. I decided to premiere part of my sons room. His favorite color is green but I wanted to ground it with black and white since its such a bright color. This is just his desk are. I got his desk from Ikea, and it was a whopping 38$ total! I love the super shiny top as it prevents him from marking it up. We all know how kids like to write on furniture sometimes. My son found the great horse picture by the garbage in our apartment complex. ( Guess he gets trash picking from me!!) It was the perfect colors, and he really liked it.

 The mid century chair was a 5$ thrift store find, I will eventually recover it but I haven't found a fabric I loved for it yet. On his desk is a car part that he is using as a pencil holder. The frame is another trash find that had an ugly picture in it so  I covered it with a burlap sack that had the first letter of his name on it. My favorite thing is the vintage letter press holder that houses all his Lego men and Gogos. I still have no idea what Gogos are for but he loves them! I will be premiering the rest of his room later this week, which includes an IKEA hack for his bed.


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