A buffet to remember

 Ive always wanted a buffet with legs. SO when I found this one at a salvation army, I knew I had to get it. THey are not always easy to find or priced low. I have bought one before and sold it because I did not have a place for it. The top had a lot of damage to the vinear and lots of scraches.
 So I gave it a coate of a Annie Sloans Florence. Its a little bright and not deep enough for my room, Im going for more jewel tones!!
 I got some Martha Stewart Coffee glaze from Home depot for like 7 bucks. I brushed it on rather thickly,
 Then I used a towel to rub it and and take some off

 Its a messy prosses but it results in deepemimg the color. I will post some more pictures after I stage it. SOrry for the Iphone pictures but I am still unpacking and I cant find mt camera card reader, lol. Whats that on the walls behind the buffet? WHy thats a post for another day. DOnt worry, I wont make you wait long!!



  1. Yeah, Florence is definitely a bright color! I had a paint class student who used it but softened it up with white and it had such a nice beachy color to it! I can't wait to try it! :) Anyhow, love to see how quickly you're moving in your dining room!!

    Serena @ Thrift Diving