2014 Haven Maven


When I moved back to Baltimore last may, I left behind a group of friends that I had grown to love dearly.  We where all DIYers and hung out, went thrift store 'shopping, and did sows. We "got" each other. So when I moved back I felt lost, I missed that group of people that understood how my mind worked, because theirs worked the same. SO when I went to Haven last year, I was so excited. These too, where my people!! I spent three days with other women just like me, and I was in heaven. So when tickets went on sale this year I bought mine the day they were available. 
For those of you who don't know what haven is, it is a conference specifically for DIY bloggers. It is a great way to network with people, learn good info and meet with potential sponsors.
Sizzix was there this year, and man do I want one. They had a bunch of projects they did using it. We got to play around with it and make a cute flower. I already have a ton of decorating and organizational ideas for it. It would be great to make party d├ęcor too!!?

 Here is Serena from Thrift diving playing with some bubbles!!
 And here I am posing with Mandy, from Vintage Revivals, who decorated for this luncheon. She did such a cute job, and it was great for photo ops!!
 Modern Masters was there with their front door paint. I love their product and I am so excited to try this paint out for my own front door.
 Ballard designs was there, and put cute vignettes all over. They have such AWESOME furniture.

And here is a picture of me and Sawdust Girl, she is is awesome and has an amazing blog. She is like the queen of power tools!!


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  1. This looks like a blast! I haven't been to a convention yet, was hoping to go to The Sits girl one that was hosted in Philadelphia, but didn't make it. Hopefully there will be another one next year. I never realized Mandy was so tall, unless she was wearing really big heels! I'm 6 ft myself so I always notice other tall women!