Master bedroom Makeover

Last month I entered into Thrift Diving 30 day room makeover challenge. It was a lot of fun but very challenging. I decided to do my master bedroom, which was a big decision for me because the rest of my house is not done yet. My room is usually last on the list, the first is the kids rooms and all the living spaces. I realized though that it is a mistake to put myself last. I needed a peaceful retreat I could relax and unwind at the end of the day. Just in case you forgot, Here is the before pictures.
here is a comparison of the before and after

 I painted my wall a warm green color, it is from Valspar. I think it goes well with my  art deco bed.( See, I do not paint EVERYTHING!!) I got the picture on sale at home goods. I did not change the lamps but I painted the end table with a mixture of paints including Modern Masters in a metallic bronze color on the top, and two different brands of chalk paint for the base. I used a crackle on the drawer fronts.
 There is a vintage silver plated thing I put my change in, I got it from a goodwill. I LOVE silver plated stuff.
 My vanity got a paint job in AS Emile, with a dark wax and old ochre drawers. It is a little too girly for me, so I will be switching it out for another vanity in a few weeks, once I can get it out of my garage!!
 I used a glass from and epoxied it to a candle holder to use to hold my makeup brushes and eye liner. 
 The armoire was hard to take a picture of because of the metallic sheen to it.
 I put some dried lavender into another silver plated thingy, it looks king of like a trophy. And an inspirational quote, cause everyone needs at least one in their bedroom.

 I did the same thing to the front of the dresser drawers that I did to the night stand. I used a crackle medium made by artisan enhancements. It was very easy to use.
I got that cute frame from ross for 3.99, I added another inspirational quote that is an inside joke for me. I hope you enjoyed my master bedroom redo, I hung a ceiling medallion and a chandelier but I need to touch up the ceiling before I add those pics!!

Remember, Don't always put yourself last, kids are very important but so is your well being. A well rested Mommy is always a good thing.



  1. You must feel very proud of this bedroom! You put a lot of work into it. It feels cozy and homey. I really need to get my bedroom on the same level. LOL. You've seen mine. Looks like I just moved in last week. Maybe my new Shaw rug (if it ever GETS here.....) will go in my bedroom to warm it up. If I put it in my family room, it's subject to mac and cheese mashed into it.... LOL. Anyhow, great job!

    Serena @ Thrift Diving

  2. I love the wall color. It can be tough to decided on a master bedroom wall color, but this looks great. The crackle paint looks really neat, love that idea! :)

  3. It looks FABULOUS! I have now lived in my house for five years and have done pretty much nothing with our bedroom. You made me think hard about that...I think it's high time I change that!

    1. Lara, you should do your master bedroom, since I have done mine I can relax in there more, and it feels better when I go to bed. I spray lavender linen spray in there when I change the sheets, it makes it smell relaxing too!!

  4. Great job Jodi! I love the colours and it looks so peaceful.

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