9 Tips for going to the thrift store

One of my favorite things to do is go to a thrift store. I would much rather go there than go to the mall any day of the week. Actually, I rather dislike the mall. I love a good bargain, and I love treasure hunting. There are some things you should keep in mind though, when you go to a thrift store.

1. You may or may not find a great item.

Sometimes I go to the thrift store and find absolutely nothing but some crazy shoes I would never wear.While these might be someone's style they sure are not mine! My daughter likes Hello Kitty though, and wanted to look at that ceramic thingy next to it.


2.Look for out of season things

Like the Stark's say " Winter is coming", and even though I found these in the middle of the summer, I knew I would use them come wintertime. These were supper soft and cozy fleece lined leggings for 4.98 each, which I think is a steal!! Plus, they are BRAND NEW!!

3. A thrift store is a great place to buy books.

One of my favorite things to look for is books. I love to read, my kids love to read, an in my house you can never own too many books. Besides, if you run out of room in your bookshelf it gives you an excuse to DIY one out of crates......
Besides, look at those prices, that's pretty cheap. I also like to get books to decorate with.
Look how pretty those look, they may even be good reads too!


4. It's my favorite place to buy furniture to redo.

These chairs I found were 49.99 for the pair, someone had already snatched them up. I could have redone them in and excellent fabric and gave them a new look. And while these are a great deal sometimes the people who price things loose their minds and put department store or boutique prices on them. I once saw a dresser for 800$ once. It's probably still there, lol. Some thrift stores are better for some things then others. There is one I go to for smalls, a few I go for furniture, and one I go to for only cloths.

5. Keep track of Deal days

I have no picture for this one, but it is an important one. Some thrift stores rotate colored tags for sales every week, some only have sales one day a week or month. Some even have punch cards to earn money off after you spent so much money.

6. Be on the hunt.

Keep your eyes pealed for great finds, like this pretty decanter. It may even be crystal because it was pretty heavy. It was only 6.99 too.

7.  Be prepaired

Not all thrift stores will hold furniture, so if your looking for furniture make sure you have a car that is big enough.
 Also, bring a tape measure to measure stuff to see if it will work, some cleaning supplies to wipe things down before you put it in your car, and a tool kit. I have fit big things in my little car because I keep a tool kit in my car and I was able to take it apart.

8. Love it? Then don't leave it.

It is first come, first serve at a thrift store. I have seen people fight over items, so if you want it pick it up.It most likely wont be there when you go home and decide you do want it. Plus, it will haunt you forever! Take it from me, I have a few regrets that I did not buy and were gone the next day. They haunt me when I sleep!!

 9. Look for good bones.

Sometimes, something may be ugly, but with some paint, or maybe new fabric it can look like a million dollar item. I scored two of these for under 20$, and I redid them for a friend.

We spent more in fabric then what the chairs costs,plus they were great quality. She still loves them, and so do I!!

Do you have any tips or tricks? Leave a comment and let us know! Share the knowledge. :)