Halloween Decor on the cheap

I love having A buffet in my dinning room, I feel like every dinning room needs one. I found this one at salvation army for 100 dollars, which ids more then I like to spend on furniture but you can't always find buffets for less then that. Either way, it was still a great deal.The top was messed up and there were some problems with the finish so I painted it, and then I painted it again. You can see the before HERE when I redid it for the Fab Furniture Flippin Contest.
I love using a buffet for extra storage, food for parties, and an extra surface for decorating. I had some of the things you see pictured already but I bought almost everything else from the dollar store. Yes, you heard me right. I said the dollar store.

 The milk crate holds wine bottle (although it never stays full) and the silver stuff I got from a thrift store. But the flowers, spiders and pumpkins I got from the dollar store. I painted them last year and added glitter to the spiders but I notice this year they had some already glittered. I even got the fake air plant from the dollar store, but I took it out of the ugly plastic container and put it in an old silver creamer. I got all the spooky fabric from the dollar store as well.
 I did not get the stuff on the silver tray or the silver tray from the dollar store, but almost all of it came from either a yard sale or a thrift store. I got the stickers from a craft store to create old bottles with spooky ingredients.
 The bottle was actually a beer bottle I saved. I love the one that says beetle juice, its my favorite. My kids have never seen the movie though. I guess I will have to fix that!
 I LOVE how my table turned out too. most everything on was either thrifted or came from the dollar store. Oh, except the table runner. I still got a good deal on it, I think I paid about 3 dollars for it.  
 For the place settings I used a set of gold metal chargers I got at a thrift store. I layered it with clear plates I got from the dollar store and white milk glass plates that came from a flea market.On top of that I used some monograms napkins I have had forever with napkins rings from Hobby Lobby that have a little bling in them. Remember the air plant I showed you earlier? I also got a few succulents and spray painted the container gold. If you wanted you could take it a step further and stick in a name tag for each person to personalize the table setting.
 I think that people take for granted the custom of sitting down at a table and eating dinner with family and friends. I am trying to make it a point to set my table and make eating dinner a time for family and talking, even on regular weeknights. It does not always have to be a special occasion to set a table, but it doesn't necessarily have to be elaborate either. I'm making it a point to start making my kids help me set the table every night for dinner, so we can sit down and eat dinner together as a family with the TV off. I will be starting a biweekly series called Set Your Table Please that will feature table settings for all occasions. There will be both elaborate and everyday settings. I will also be offering table runners, napkins, and other accessories geared towards family and meal times.  

Now that Halloween is over, and Thanksgiving is this week, I'm very excited to start decorating for my favorite time of year! I love Christmas and I always have a hard time figuring out how I want to decorate because I have so many ideas. I'm hoping to share several with you over the next few weeks. What is your favorite holiday to decorate for?


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