Switching Things Up Yet Again

I don't know about everyone else but I am forever changing things in my house. I think this is because I am slightly OCD, and I keep changing things around until they work well for my family. One area in my house I struggle with keeping organized is our clothing storage, or lack there of. I have a small townhouse that was built before WW1 so the closets are teeny tiny. There is no way I'm fitting all of my cloths in the 3 ft. wide closet I have in my bedroom. I finally decided to switch the bedrooms around and use my sons tiny bedroom as a walk in closet for the whole family.

I guess the boy is now a teen, so his room needs an update anyways. HERE is the original post showing his bedroom from a few years ago when we first moved in.

As you can see, its pretty small. I did love how it turned out, the colors were so bright and cheerful. They matched my sons personality before he because a dreaded TEENAGER. I have seen several of my neighbors turn this bedroom into a walk in closet so the idea has always been in the back of my mind. However, I am way to cheap to buy a fancy closet system for this room so I am going to use what I have and only buy as little as possible. I do have two big Ikea cabinets that I am going to move in here to start with. They used to be in my daughters room but since I am taking all her cloths out anyway she does not need them.

Do you have clothing storage problems or are you lucky enough to have tons of closet space???


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