Thrift Store Score: Coffee Table

I love when I go to a thrift store and I not only see just what I was looking for, but at a great price too. I wanted a new coffee table for my living room that had some kind of metal legs and a wood stained top. When I happened upon this ugly duckling I thought it could work, and when I saw the six dollar price tag I got even more excited. The top was not real wood but I knew I could replace it easily. It had potential and I was excited to unlock it.
The first thing I did was clean the metal rally well and take off the ugly fake top. I added a piece of wood I already had and secured it with screws. I liked that the top wasn't square but had the rounded edges. It Hobby wood, which you can get from Lowe's for a pretty good price.
I grabbed a cute stencil I had and I used part of it on the top of the wood using gray chalk paint. I wanted to add a little something something to make the top interesting. I left out the Paris part because I did not want to go overboard, but I liked the rest of the stencil
As you can see, when it is done it is kinda light, but that's OKAY, because I'm not done yet. This is just to add a little character and dimension but not be over the top. My rug is already over the top and load, so I do not want anything that will compete with it.

 The next thing I did was add a few coats of stain, Minwax was the brand I used. Its in one of my favorite colors, Caraway I think? I'm not good with names so I will have to double check that. I am digging how this turned out, it added just the extra special touch I think it needed.
I love this technique, I think it adds a layer of detail that makes it look older and not freshly painted. Some people like that look, some do not. I like older things with history, I think even if your style is modern you should add something a lil old to give it character and warm the space up. Check back in a few days for the reveal of my living room, and this stylish coffee table!!


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